Last updated: June 20, 2020

Builtin Components


URuntimeMeshComponentStatic is a wrapper component that combines URuntimeMeshComponent and URuntimeMeshProviderStatic such that you can use this component in a similar way to the ProceduralMeshComponent or RMC v3 or lower. Using this component is simple, instead of using URuntimeMeshComponent, simply use URuntimeMeshComponentStatic instead.

Builtin Providers


URuntimeMeshProviderStatic is probably the most commonly used provider. It providers ProceduralMesh/RMCv3 style functionality where you can set the mesh data from outside the component and forget about it. It provides full collision support and has the ability to directly host URuntimeMeshModifiers that get run when you create/update a section.


URuntimeMeshProviderBox is a simple provider capable of creating a single box of specified dimensions. This is also the simplest provider to look at when wanting to understand how to make your own.


URuntimeMeshProviderCollision is a pass through provider where you link it to another provider and the collision provider will create the collision mesh data from the renderable sections of the linked provider.


URuntimeMeshProviderMemoryCache is meant to cache mesh data in memory when you make your own provider and want to have the mesh data cached across calls from the URuntimeMesh. Usually this isn’t too necessary, unless your provider is especially heavy and you don’t want to regenerate all sections of a static batch when one updates.


URuntimeMeshProviderModifiers is a pass through provider where you link your provider and then can set one or more URuntimeMeshModifiers to alter the mesh data as it’s passed through to the URuntimeMesh. This is not necessary with the URuntimeMeshProviderStatic as that provider can hose URuntimeMeshModifiers directly.


URuntimeMeshProviderPlane is a simple provider to make a single plane at one or more levels of detail.


URuntimeMeshProviderSphere is a simple provider to make a single sphere at one or more levels of detail.


URuntimeMeshProviderStaticMesh is a basic provider to render a UStaticMesh through the RMC. This doesn’t however give you the ability to modify the mesh data unless you make a custom pass through provider.

Builtin Modifiers


URuntimeMeshModifierNormals can generate normals and tangents for input mesh data. You can also call this modifier directly in your own code by using the static function URuntimeMeshModifierNormals::CalculateNormalsTangents()


URuntimeMeshModifierAdjacency can generate the adjacency index buffer need for tessellation. This generates the 12 control point patch list for PN-AEN triangles with dominant corner. You can also call this modifier directly in your own code by using the static function URuntimeMeshModifierAdjacency::CalculateTessellationIndices()