Last updated: June 21, 2020


  Can I use the Runtime Mesh Component in a commercial project?

Yes! The Runtime Mesh Component is governed by the MIT license, so you’re basically unrestricted in use. All that is requested is that you provide credit when and where possible back to this project!

You can view the License for more detailed information!

  How can I support the Runtime Mesh Component?

The RMC is a labor of love kind of project, but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills!

I am available for contract work, especially within Unreal Engine, whether that’s directly related to the RMC or not.

I do also do paid extension development to the RMC, and have on occasion taken on donnor sponsored upgrades to the RMC. In this case the rates will be dependant on whether it will be owned by you, or integrated to the RMC, and the nature/timeframe of the extension/upgrade. Contact Me! about your needs!


  What’s a question?

Coming soon!


  Where can I get help?

The best place to get help quickly is from the RMC Discord with over 800 Members. I (Koderz) am frequently around as well to answer questions.